Sunday, 4 August 2019

Funny patched up pants

These are the pants my son wears when repairing the car. patched up pants

He likes them mostly because they have a lot of pouches and he wants to keep them as long as possible, despite they wearing signs, like this hole on the right leg. 
So, he asked me to do something, no mater what, to make his garage pants wearable again.
And what do you think? I got the right time to improvise a little patchwork.

I opened one of the boxes with fabric scraps and I started to choose. patched up pants

I found a few having the perfect print. patched up pants

But why sewing only two patches, when you can play with many others? 

I added a few more next to these two. patched up pants

And I ended up by piecing a small piece on the left leg too, just to keep the things balanced. patched up pants

For durability, besides the blanket stitching all the way around the edges, I did a little bit of free motion stippling. 

And I hope my son will wear these funny pants many, many more years!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!


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