Friday 15 January 2010

January things

I know, I was out quite a long time.
Actually I have been inn, but not in the little bloghouse, only in the little real-house.
And I worked.
Look what I have made:

I chosen some cherry fabrics

I made a few designs and calculations

I cut and stitched...
And look what it came out:


Then I looked carefully at it and it seemed to me to be a page of a coloring book...
Again I cut, I stitched.... But before putting together the front with the back side of the cushion, I colored a little, the front side. Just a little bit...

As colored pencils I took a few threads


 And I began to color. I mean embroider:


and there


and there

and so on.......

At the end resulted a cute colored cushion:

And so, the both cushions are done!

I am continuing.....
I will be back soon (I hope) with news.

Till then,

Have a beautiful day!

Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2010! In a deep foggy juicy weather.
It's the first day of this new year and I am glad. But I am sad too...
I'm glad because 2009 is gone.It was a-not-so-good-year for me, for us.I don't want to remember why, because I am here, in my bloghouse, where the bad things are not allowed!
I'm sad, well...just a little sad, because one more year is tripping me away from the milestone marked with the number 50 on my life way...
I'm glad because I feel that my real age, my inner-age, has nothing in common with my official-age and I have and I can so much to do yet...
I'm sad because I didn't find the way to be more efficient, to do much, to embody more of my ideas, to better organize myself....
I'm glad that my people (my family) are in good shape and my son, V. is still a great guy...
I could continue that way on and on, but I think I confused you enough...
All in all, let's hope that more of our  prospects (mines and yours, my guests) will become true and we will be in good health to do more good things in 2010!
Let's hope that at the end of 2010 we will have a great sized bunch of  accomplishments and more good friends!