Monday, 25 July 2011

What are you doing when you like as much pockets and applique?...(sort of tutorial) ;)

My preferred bag (a bought one) decided to leave me.
But I'm in love with its functionality.
So, I made one thinking of it but adding a little bit of me.
While I was working on it I have took some photos in order to explain the main steps.
I confess that I took into account my readers familiar already with how to make a bag.
That's why I do not give sizes and I passed quickly over certain steps.
I thought it is more useful to show more details about the steps I have considered essentials for the bag's design.
Here it is:
In order to reach this zippered appliqued bag front: 

You could do so:

I could not let my phone in its old coat, so, I made for it a new matching-with-my-new-bag one:

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some purple, some green....and something else?

On no condition, I could not let it go unnoticed  the discreetly perfumed dress worn by my garden at the end of June- beginning of July:


 ....nor its little accessories...

But the matching with the delicate umbrellas of the two young Gingko biloba  arouse the real admiration, isn't it?

And as always, She gracefully made me a precious gift:

Have a beautiful summer, my dears!