Thursday 27 February 2014

Baby Quilt - WIP

Today I was supposed to finish this quilt, but my sewing machine contradicted me. It felt like visiting Brother sewing machines service. Luckily it was a short visit and it did not have to stay there.

In addition to this, my walking foot is becoming increasingly lazy. That's why my quilt got a specific model. Now the only thing I want is to manage to give this quilt at least a civilized look.
Then I'll see if it can be fixed or I have to buy another walking foot.
I hope you will have
A beautiful day!

Thursday 20 February 2014


My first pattern is available on Craftsy!

 About a month ago I started to work on the actual layout of the Country Home block.

I decided to use it for an one-day-project pattern: a pillow cover requiring only one block (13 1/2" x 13 1/2" seam allowance included).

It's fun and easy to make this block because you have to cut and sew together only strips, squares and rectangles.

...and due to their dimensions, you need only a few blocks to sew a lovely quilt too.

I am a visual learner, so, thinking at those like me, I joined the instructions with many drawings and photos. Actually about 40. I included also instructions for inserting the zip on the pillow cover back.

The contributions of  my testers were wonderful! I am very grateful to them!

Look at two of their works, each one with a personal touch:

Made by my dear friend  Silvia

Made by my dear meticulous Kat

    I am very grateful also to Geta who guided me from the beginning to the end with patience and generosity.

I hope you will enjoy my pattern. 

On Pinterest a fresh new board is waiting for all the things you will do using the Country Home block. 
Write me to give you access to it or send me the pictures and I will do it for you.
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Thank you for your visit!

Have a beautiful day!

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Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aky, one of my "boys" came here to wish you to be loved every day, not only today, my dear girls visiting my blog!
He was so kind to help me to do this, as I am very busy right now working on the gifts for the newsletter I will send every month to those will subscribe to it. What gifts? Free designs for your quilts, embroideries or appliques.
Look on the right side of my blog and write your email address in the "Subscribe to my newsletter" little window. Push the "Subscribe" button and that's it. You are on my subscribers list. The first one will be send to you at the end of February.

And one more thing: my Country Home Pattern passed the tests and after the finishing touches, over a few days will be released for sale.

I wish you to have the most beautiful Valentine Day, my dears!