Friday 24 October 2014


This is my first participation in the Blogger's Quilt Festival held at Amy's Creative Side.
Thank you, Amy!

Among a lot of other urgent things, last week I worked hard at this feathered fellow.

Feathered it's only a way of saying. A lot of quilting I had to do!

All began when I saw this cute owl drawing made by my friend Lenus Dragulelei, a very talented Romanian artist who creates illustration for children books. My brain wheels started to roll quickly:
How I could turn the drawn owl in a quilt, but otherwise than only by applique? And the only thing that came in my head was an owl-by-itself quilt, if I may say so.

And step by step, thinking on the go, imagining how should be this or that, I managed to do it.

Because I am the kind of girl who likes to complicate her life, I told to myself that I will not like at all to see the eyes quilted on the quilt/owl back. And I made it a different appropriate quilting.

The only thing that did not came out how I wanted is the dimension. It had to measure about 36" long, but instead, it measures  less than 30". I wasn't paying attention when I did the sketch.

Even so, it could be at least a funny wall quilt.
Surely, the second one will have the right dimension to cover a little girl or a little boy from nose to toes.

I have entered my owl-quilt in Blogger's Quilt Festival Mini Quilt Category.
If you have a little time to spend, please come and vote for your favorite quilt!

I am linking also to Finish it up Friday!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

Friday 10 October 2014

Season quilting

Here is one of my wanderings between traditional and contemporary/modern quilting.

Who can decide the boundary between the two concepts? 
After all what is important is the result.
I made this table mat driven by this season colours and subjects. As always, the most difficult moment was: how I will quilt this?

I confess that I'm unhappy about how I pieced my triangles points. During piecing I was paying attention at this aspect but it seams that it was not enough. 

Well, let's move forward!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

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Saturday 4 October 2014

Trick or Treat?

It's too early for this, I know, but how could I call this little bag otherwise?

I made it based on this block.

Have a beautiful day!

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