Monday 12 June 2023

Meeting with friends quilts. Pattern release

I am so glad that after long time, I finally have great news: I just released two quilt patterns!

In the late fall of 2021, while the rules imposed in the Pandemic kept us far from each other, I made some patterns for some mini quilts, good to use as coasters. For one of them I wrote the pattern because I realized that it is not only beginner friendly, but also you need only an hour or two to make it. I chose squares, rectangles and half square triangles to play with. with friends mini quilt pattern

It's not by chance that I called it “Meeting with friends” as that was the idea I wanted to express:

The central unit symbolizes the table that gathers friends around it. Two triangles meeting at their points symbolizes the friends. The resulting  extension of their lines forms an X-cross, a very harmonious sign for meeting, and the ancient symbol for time (the hourglass). with friends mini quilt pattern

This block combines in a simple and modern manner two of the most used patchwork layouts: Log Cabin and Half Square Triangle (HST).

Because Christmas was approaching, I used fabrics in the colors and prints specific to the winter holidays, but the block looks great using a wide variety of color combinations and prints (except large prints). with friends mini quilt pattern

Meeting with friends mini quilt measures 8 ¾" x 8 ¾" (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm) before quilting and washing.

It can be used to be displayed on the wall, added to a bag, as well as on the table as a mug rug. For the wall, you should add a sleeve or hanging pockets to the back of the quilt before binding so that the binding covers the raw edges and gives a neat finish (these instructions are not included in this pattern). with friends mini quilt pattern

Then, one of my friends who helped me testing the pattern, asked me to enlarge the block for making a pillow cover. So it came out a 17” (43.5 cm) square block and I got to the point where the natural question arose: what would a quilt from several such blocks look like? I designed layouts and layouts, searching “the one”, the versatility of this block giving endless set ups and quilt styles.

It was hard to choose which layout I will use for making a sample quilt, but in the end I chose this one: with friends quilt pattern

Meeting with friends quilt is based on only one 17” quilt block. It is a user-friendly pattern and provides step by step color photo guide and instructions to cut and machine piecing, and gives also hints and tips which will help you to assemble this quilt faultless.

 The quilt measures 67" x 84" (170 cm x 210 cm) before washing and quilting.

Quilt sizes based on 17"/43.5 cm “Meeting with friends” block:

- Baby/Crib - approx. 34" x 50½" (86.5 cm x 128 cm) 

- Throw - approx. 50½" x 50½" (128 cm x 128 cm) 

              - approx. 50½" x 67" (128 cm x 170 cm)

- Twin - approx. 67" x 84" (170 cm x 210 cm)  (the quilt featured in this pattern).

- Full/Queen - approx. 84" x 100" (210 cm x 254 cm).

 It's an easy quilt pattern even for the beginning quilters and it is perfect for anyone who wants to sew a simple, cheerful, quick and modern quilt. with friends quilt pattern

Meeting with friends quilt is not difficult to make, but it does require a bit of precision.

 In this pattern you will find also suggestions and information for sewing quilts with different layouts, settings, dimensions and color combinations based only on this block.

This pattern is Fat Eighths, Fat Quarter and yardage friendly. with friends quilt pattern

Look how beautiful turn out my One block-pillow covers! Using only one 17" Meeting with friends block and your scrap pile, you could cheer up your dining room, bedroom and/or porch. with friends quilt pattern

Both patterns are also budget-friendly because they give you the opportunity to use up your leftover fabrics for which you have been waiting for the quilts that will deserve them.

 If you don't want a busy quilt design and you are looking for a fast project for which you don't need any fancy tools, but only very basic quilting supplies, then these two quilts are for you!

You’ll end up with beautiful quilts that look like a pro made them!

Would you like to make at least one Meeting with friends mini quilt or quilt of your own? You can purchase this patterns by clicking here. You can get this patterns at a 25% OFF INTRODUCTORY PRICE now through Thursday, June 15 2023.

Thank you my friends!

Have a beautiful sewing day!

Tuesday 2 August 2022

A dress and a bit of patchwork

     I had an old T-shirt in a good shape and a piece of fabric that I bought a long time ago with no purpose in mind, just because I loved it. I had also a box full of fabric pieces. 

    So, in an afternoon I improvised a patchwork block and I sewed it on an interfaced backing. Then I measured the circumference of the T-shirt, then I sewed together the short edges of the piece of fabric making a cylinder and I wrinkled the top edge of it until I obtained a circumference equal to that of the T-shirt. I sewed the patchwork block onto the piece of fabric as a pocket and next I sewed the piece of fabric and the T-shirt base together.I gave it a good press and that was all. I made a new dress in only a few hours.

    I wear this dress with great pleasure, not only because I made it myself, but because it is also a pattern that will never go out of style and above all, because I prolonged the life of a piece of clothing, which would otherwise have ended up in the trash, although with an insignificant effort, it can be worn for a long time from here on out.

I hope I woke you up feeling like sewing new clothes out of old clothes!

Have a beautiful day and happy sewing, my dears!

Saturday 23 July 2022

TUTORIAL - How to install invisible magnetic snaps on a bag



    The pronged magnetic snaps (standard magnetic snaps) are a very easy and fast closure for a bag, but when your bag needs a clean-looking, flat profile, hidden from view magnetic closure, a practical variant is using invisible magnetic snaps, known also as sew-in magnetic snaps. They are very useful for many types of bags, for wallets or pocket flaps. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    These invisible magnetic snaps are composed of two parts, like the standard magnetic snaps, but both parts are flat discs, encased in a soft, clear plastic pad that is easy to sew through with no special needle. Anyone can do to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

   They come in different dimensions and in sets. One set includes two magnetic pieces, a positive and a negative. Depending on the manufacturer, some of them have the positive piece marked with a "+" in one corner of the plastic pad and the negative piece marked with a "–". 

Dimensions of my magnetic snaps: 
– magnet 3/4" diameter 
– plastic pad 1 ¼ " square. 

Positioning the snaps to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    To see which is the front and which is the back of the two magnets, bring them close to each other. The right position is, of course, that in which the two magnets have the greatest strength of attraction. Mark the back of the snaps with a permanent marker - you will need this later.

    Place one bag panel wrong side up. Measure one side of the magnetic snap pad (usually it is a square). Mine is 1 ¼" and the following instructions are based on this. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

Mark 1 ¼"  and 2 ½" down the top edge. See the horizontal orange lines. Mark the center of the bag panel. See the red vertical line.

 If your pad has other dimensions, draw the first line at a distance equal to the side of the pad, and draw the second line at a distance equal to the side of the pad x 2. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    Fold the top edge over. Press and pin or use clips to keep it in place. 

Installing the snaps to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    Center one snap (doesn't matter which one) back side up, over the folded edge. Use clips to keep it in place. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

     Top stitch as you wish: close to the magnetic snap or close to the pad edge. Use a zipper foot if you prefer. Use matching thread.
    I recommend placing a piece of fabric or vinyl, or cork etc. between the snap area and needle plate (the orange piece in the photos above), to weaken the strength of the magnet while sewing. Just be careful to keep it away from stitching. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    You might secure the seam either by back stitching at the beginning and end of the seam or by burying the ends of the threads in the panel folds. The latter gives a cleaner look. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    Place the bag panel wrong side up. Fold the top edge over one more time. Press and use clips to keep it in place. Now the snap is tucked between folds, front side up. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    If you use fabric straps, now is the time to attach them. For this bag, I used leather straps and I attached them after the bag was assembled, as the last step. 

    Sew a seam on the bottom edge of the folded side and one seam at about 1/8" down from the top edge of the panel.

    Repeat for the other bag panel. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial


  As you can see, the invisible magnetic snaps closure looks so good and provides the same security as the standard magnetic snaps. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    Almost nothing to see on the inside. Only a fine stitched square that is barely visible. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    Nothing on the outside. to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial

    If you have already a pair of invisible snaps in some drawer and want to use them, you have the right project here 

Mihaela Alexandrescu - Unlined shopping bag with removable interior pocket Pattern

    The bag in this tutorial was made following the instructions of this pattern, which allows so many variations.

When ordering Unlined shopping bag with removable interior pocket Pattern, leave me a message if you want to save this tutorial and I will send it to you as a .pdf file.

                                              to install invisible magnetic snaps to a bag Tutorial
 To remember, pin this for later.

    Other ideas and tutorials you may find HERE, on my blog. 
    Have a look to my pattern shop for more ideas too.

    Have a beautiful sewing day, my dears!

Tuesday 19 October 2021

New sewing pattern - Tama Handbag

Here where I live it's a beautiful autumn. With sunny days and golden colors in gardens, but also rainy days, when you better read, knit or sew something useful and beautiful. It was precisely these days of bad weather that were the ones in which I managed to sew a few bags. 

Thus, today I'm happy to share my brand new bag pattern, Tama Handbag! Handbag pattern Mac design

What do you think? Pretty, isn't it? I'm sure you noticed the zippered pockets. Not one, not two, but three! A lot of things to keep at hand. Handbag pattern Mac design

Of course, there are also two slip pockets Handbag pattern Mac design

Finished dimensions of this bag are: 13¼"(33.5 cm) wide; 13¼" (33.5 cm) tall (without handles); approx. 2¾" (7 cm) deep on top; 4" (10 cm) deep on bottom. Handbag pattern Mac design

For this bag I recommend you use quilt weight fabrics, denim, light weight cotton duck, light weight home decorating fabric, or canvas. The fabric does not have to be too thick, as it will be difficult to sew it if you have a home sewing machine.

Here is a list of materials needed (fabric requirements are based on 44''/110 cm wide fabric):
For exterior bag:
- from fabric A – half yard/meter for the front and back panels; from fabric B – half yd/m for gusset.
- for reinforcing the fabric:
- from 20"/50 cm wide light weight interfacing – about 3 yds/2.5 m.
- a piece of about 30"/76 cm x 45"/114 cm batting.
- optional – 30"/76 cm of fabric for backing
For lining – about 1½ yd/1.5 m.
Zippers - for exterior pockets - 3 zippers - at least 9" (23 cm) long (teeth dimension);
Magnetic snap - one set of 18 mm (¾");
Sewing thread to match the fabrics;
Zipper foot, free-motion quilting foot,100/16 sewing machine needle. Handbag pattern Mac design

 Would you like to make a  Tama Handbag of your own? Then click here for the pattern.

You will sew a handy and beautiful quilted handbag to carry many items in.
Ideal for everyday use, it has plenty of storage, giving you quickly access to your most needed things placed in three exterior pockets and two interior pockets. 
Mix and match the fabrics to create the perfect handbag for your style and the season. Handbag pattern Mac design

My wonderful friend and talented quilter and sewist Silvia Ciubotaru sewed up this beautiful Tama Handbag: Handbag pattern Mac design

You are welcome in my little Etsy Shop. Maybe your next project is there.

Have a beautiful day, my dears!
Thank you for your support!

Tuesday 17 August 2021

La vie en rose…


Is it any wonder that we associate the Summer months with feeling happy and carefree? 

Maintain this mood by sewing (or asking someone to sew for you) a light and cheerful bag in which to hold everything you need to feel good when you are not at home.

A bag without lining but with 2 zippered pockets? Yes, of course! Just click here if you want to receive the pdf pattern and to find out how is it possible to make in no time, all kind of beautiful and useful bags using one single pattern. 


. - bag pattern - bag pattern - bag pattern

Have a beautiful sewing day, my dears!

Friday 27 November 2020


I am thankful for the talented people supporting my tiny business to come true.

I am thankful for my creative friends who generously and unconditionally inspire and help me.

I am thankful for my family who understand my passion and encourage me to grow and share my ideas by making beautiful things from fabrics.

I am thankful for you, my dear reader!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate this day!

Have only beautiful days, my dears!