Tuesday 2 August 2022

A dress and a bit of patchwork

     I had an old T-shirt in a good shape and a piece of fabric that I bought a long time ago with no purpose in mind, just because I loved it. I had also a box full of fabric pieces. 

    So, in an afternoon I improvised a patchwork block and I sewed it on an interfaced backing. Then I measured the circumference of the T-shirt, then I sewed together the short edges of the piece of fabric making a cylinder and I wrinkled the top edge of it until I obtained a circumference equal to that of the T-shirt. I sewed the patchwork block onto the piece of fabric as a pocket and next I sewed the piece of fabric and the T-shirt base together.I gave it a good press and that was all. I made a new dress in only a few hours.

    I wear this dress with great pleasure, not only because I made it myself, but because it is also a pattern that will never go out of style and above all, because I prolonged the life of a piece of clothing, which would otherwise have ended up in the trash, although with an insignificant effort, it can be worn for a long time from here on out.

I hope I woke you up feeling like sewing new clothes out of old clothes!

Have a beautiful day and happy sewing, my dears!