Friday 27 February 2015

New Kid in town

Here is the guy from my previous post.

Another collaboration with Romanian artist Lenus Dragulelei
He says: 
Good bye Winter! Welcome Spring! 

A cheerful pillow perfect for lifting the spirit, isn't it? 


Have a beautiful Spring, my dears!

Monday 23 February 2015

New Kid in town - work in progress

I am busy. Very busy. Making all kind of textile things for a lot of anniversaries. And the most of them - for men. Tough job, isn't it?

But I managed to sneak someone among them. Someone who will not be a present. At least for now.

Slowly but surely he comes to life.

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday 7 February 2015

In between

After finishing a project I can't start the next one without reorganizing things around me. And above all in my head. Almost always between two projects one of my favorite method to clear my mind is a short session of quilting. Trying new shapes, new patterns. Looking to match different colors of threads with different colors and patterns of fabrics.

This time my quilting pause has one more finality: I brought together a few scraps of good and cheap fabrics I had on hand and I made two different tops for two 16" x 16" pillow covers for our bed.

I like quilting but I'm not good at it. I don't have patience to stitch over and over again the same design  following strictly the same paths. Above all I can't stitch perfect rounded or geometrical shapes. I'm not the kind of person looking and loving to do this.

I'm attracted by the free hand quilting designs. Even when I stitch repeated circles or spirals, I'm not looking to get the same shape or size. Nor perfectly straight lines, or equal distances between them...

All I want is that my quilting design to compliment the background.
And this is not easy. Not easy at all.

But I keep trying to think the final object I make, even if it is a humble simple one, as a whole composition, regarding both his aspect and usefulness and to treat quilting as one of its elements not an end in itself. And when I don't forget to think like this I find easier the answer at the well known question " How I will quilt this?"

So, let's practice some quilting!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!