Thursday 9 August 2012

A Garden Table in a Hot Summer Day

Last weekend we managed to spend a few days in our country garden.
It was almost the same hot as in The Big City, but from evening to the morning the temperatures made us to recall how to use a blanket ;)
And I remember how wonderful is the night sleep! At home I have only pieces of it....
So, the joy of life gave me energy to put the shelf with paint tins in order. I mean to verify what is still good and what's not.
Because all of them were usable  I  spent an afternoon painting my new garden table. Well, it's a new table made from old reused wood, by my very talented neighbor.

I forgot to made a before photo.
After a primer coat, I gave it a chocolate-brown coat and some red accents.

some of my tools....

I made a flower and a butterfly cardboard stencils and I started to use them here and there, all over my chocolate table.

...Have I told you it was a hot day?...

I can't wait to have  my coffee mug on it!

Have a beautiful day!