Sunday 21 March 2010

Vernal Equinox

Hello,hello, my dear readers!
How are you?

Springtime has arrived at last, it is no doubt!
We passed even trough the vernal equinox!
Today I'm glad that the weather is friendly.
The sun is shining and the sky is clear.
It's a warm and cheerful weather...
Maybe this time Spring is back for good...

I managed to finish one of my in progress projects. This time it is one from my yarns basket.

I made this pillow case little by little in the winter mornings, during my coffee indulgence breakfast, wishing for the springtime. That's why I named it "Spring Sunshine".
Here I uploaded a few other photos of the same crocheted category. I must confess that due to Lucy, my recent retrieved hobby is to crochet. Granny squares. With the most cheerful colors.
I found that it is another wonderful way to train the creativeness and to make all kind of useful things.And to fill those moments of the day or night when the mind or soul don't let you make something else....
What do you think about that?...

Well, that is all for now!

I rush now to do some house cleaning, because to many things around here remind us of winter!

Enjoy the Spring!

Have only beautiful days!


Wednesday 10 March 2010

Come Spring, Come!!!

Because Spring changed its mind and let Winter to get back to us, I choose to touch up my window-little-garden with the well known Primulas.

As often as I go to the supermarket I look for flowers department and nine times out of ten I come home with bulbs, seeds or pots with flowers. I mean, plants with flowers; I don't like the plants only with leaves.Well... I like some, but only those growing in the traditional gardens.
I think that plants with flowers are the same as gems jeweleries.If  I would have to choose between two rings, undoubtedly I would choose the gem one.Even my wedding ring has gems all around...

Now that I clarified this very important issue, probably you will understand why I chose  flowers motifs for the shopping bags I'm working on. I hadn't time to take more photos.

When I will finish them I will try another kind of bags. The patterns are from here.A very well illustrated and explained  patterns.

Well, for the time being I wish you to

Have only beautiful days!