Sunday 29 September 2019

About Illusions

An intriguing post title, isn't it? Don't be afraid!I am not going to bore you with some philosophical considerations.
This is the name of Geta Grama's newest quilt pattern I used for sewing two pillow covers. covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II-

In fact it was the best opportunity to practice Y-seams in order to make a kaleidoscope block. covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II-

I'm not into kaleidoscope quilts at all. My past experiences made me to conclude that I'm incompatible with this kind of technique. Even though I'm a patient person, paying attention to details, I had enough of mistaken again and again the Y-seam and of getting incomplete or shifted layouts.
Knowing that Geta is a meticulous teacher, I got Illusions II pattern as my last chance to make a decent kaleidoscope quilt.
And my expectations were confirmed. I'm not incompatible with this sewing technique, I just didn't know those tips and tricks so important for the exact piecing. covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II- covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II-

As always, Geta putted in her pattern a lot of sewing knowledge, useful not only for making this very block, but also for other types of patchwork projects, like:
- how to cut triangles in three different ways;
- how to accurately piecing in the easy way;
- how to finish the block as pillow cover in any size and as place mat;
- how to make a pillow insert;
- how to use the entire width of the fabric;
and a lot of other instructions that guide you so well that you can finish your project in one day only.
At the end of it, if you followed conscientiously Geta's instructions,  you might consider that you just stepped in the experienced quilters world. covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II- covers using Geta Grama's pattern -Illusions II-

Have a beautiful sewing day, my dears!