Tuesday 8 March 2011

Spring breeze / Adieri de primavara

Slow, slow, veeeery slow are showing some signs of spring....
The sun was friendly, but the temperature was not so.
I stay indoors most of the time working and thinking at the spring things.
I miss the frisky breeze bringing all the fresh smells of my country garden....
I miss the colorful windmills from my childhood...

Here is what came out:

I am a self-taught quilter. Every object I make is a little exercise. I make mistakes, I'm slow but I know that is the only way to be better.
For those like me, heaving as main source for information the internet, and got on my blog, here is a brief summary of how I made this classical patchwork pattern:

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday 1 March 2011

March 1 - Martzishor

Long ago an old woman called Dochia, had a step daughter. Dochia hated her.
In a grim winter day Dochia gave her a very dirty clothes asking her to wash them in the river until they will become white as snow. The young girl washed them long, but the clothes became black. Then came a young man  whose name was Martzishor  and asked her why she cries. She told him what had happened. Then Martzishor told her that he has magical powers and gave him a red flower with white. He urged her to wash again the clothes and after that return home.
When the girl arrived home, the clothes were white as snow.
Dochia could hardly trust his own eyes.
She did not believe that his step-daughter will be able to complete the task.
Suddenly she saw the red-white flower on the girl’s chest.
The old woman thought that spring has come and gone with the flock on the mountain.
Along the way, every day the weather has become more and more beautiful, so she took off, one by one, the nine coats she wear. But after the 9th coat she was caught by a cold rain. When she reached the top of the mountain, showed Martzishor who told her: “Now you see how bad it is to sit in the cold and wet?”Then he disappeared.
A bitter cold came suddenly and Dochia and the flock were turned into stone blocks.
It is said that these blocks are those found in the Ceahlau Mountains, in the northern Romanian Eastern Carpathian Mountains (Carpatii Orientali).
About the above Dochia legend, well....of course this is only one of many others...

Traditionally The Old Woman’s (or Women) Days (Zilele Babei/Babelor), (1-9 March) compose a cycle of nine days. The weather of each one of the nine days means the feelings of Dochia on her way on the mountain.
On March 9, when died Dochia, is considered the boundary between cold and warm seasons.
March 1st is The Spring “baba” and symbolize the seeding. March 2 is The Summer “baba” and symbolize the works of summer and March 3 is The Autumn “baba”, the harvest.
How will be the three days, so will be the three seasons of the year, and how will be the weather in the 9th “baba”, so will be the weather for the 40 following days.
If you want to see what will be your next year, you have to choose from advance one of The Nine “Baba”Days. If the one you choose is sunny and beautiful, you will have a very good year, but if the day is cloudy and rainy, you will have a difficult year. 

Well, who have the courage to choose a day?....

Until you will decide whether to do it or not, I will continue to prepare the little signs of the spring, "Martzishoarele".
I'm making martzishoare as bracelets. Of course,  new models. Some of them are already worn.

Have a beautiful spring!