Wednesday 16 February 2011

A little bird told me...

Now, in the middle of February, I miss the spring...
Here, in The Big City, there were some short periods with warmth and mild sunshine and gentle wind, which began to pierce the ice walls of the Winter Castle.
And this mean the Spring's Tools are working hard to free us from here...
Among the most active ones are, of course, my dear Little Birds. Even if timidly they began the rehearsals for the "Concerto for Sun and Blue Sky" giving us short periods of joy.
That being said, it is more than obvious who is my Today-Post-Model.............:
The Green Little Bird from my Ikea fabric.
She was very sweet and agreed modeling for my labels shooting (!). Please, please don't ask about the price I had to pay for the shooting's confidential, you know.....:p

And now, let's get to the subject:

As probably you noticed already, I put on every object I make a label. My label. Because it is my signature. And I think that a serious person, working with passion, love and care, does not need to send in the world  anonymous objects.

I design and machine-embroider my labels (and others)in my spare time.
In my opinion, embroidered labels are more beautiful and long-lasting than the painted ones.
My little green bird  whispers to me what kind of shape or color to choose for my labels, depending on the object that I will sew.

.....and so on.....

Here are two of the more recent little things I made on which I attached my labels and I remembered to take pictures, too(!):

So, do you label your things?
Do you like to buy labeled things?

I do...... 

Have a beautiful day, my dears!