Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's snowing!

I'm back!

I was working on a present for someone who was .... years old. A very special Lady. It was impossible for me to concentrate my self on something else! I wanted very, very much to make a special thing. Something from the bottom of my hart. I'm not sure that it turned out well. It's a bead embroidery which now is at the shop for framing. Maybe I will show you, finished.
For the moment, just steal a look at a piece of it:

The only break on my work was a few hours spent on a traditional fair organized on the St. Nicholas day (6th of December) at the Peasant Museum. There were a lot of artists exposing and selling the most different and wonderful objects. I couldn't help buying some carefully made little things.
Look at them:

    Do you like them?

In the next posts I will show you more. I have prepared a few photos for the posts from around the Christmas.

Now, when I'm writing this lines, it is snowing like in fairy tales! It's the first really snow of this winter. It started this morning and now we have already a really woolly snow carpet.It starts to look like Christmas....
I'm really, really glad....I am thrilled with joy!
It's the only period of winter when I want to snow. I don't like the winter because of the cold, but  at Christmas and New Year I like to have a whole lot of snow.

So, even my car is happy under his fluffy coat

Just after I took this picture, when I turned my back, returning inside, I looked around and I saw a young man expressing his after-glow.
Look the sequel:

What do you think?
Do you like or dislike the winter?


It was good to be back with you in my little bloghouse!
I hope for you, too!
I'm going back to work, now. Lots of projects in my mind....

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Broderia cu paiete e fantastica. N-as avea rabdare sa fac asa ceva...
    Ah, mie deloc nu-mi place iarna !

  2. Da, dar ai rabdare sa faci minunatiile alea cu trapunto unde nu prea ma vad eu in stare sa am rabdare! :o)