Friday 12 February 2010

Romanian heritage in a hurry

Don't worry about my today title!
It is not follow up by an ethnological lesson.I don't want to bore you.
I will only show you what I have made lately.
One of my passions is Romanian traditional art. I'm really in love with textile objects, especially.But my eyes prospect instinctively for popular patterns everywhere. 
At odd moments, I have been started to digitize a few old traditional cross stitching embroidery patterns.
 I did well only a few. I'm working on between other projects....
Yesterday I received at the last moment, a birthday celebration invitation for tonight.I was surprised by it so, the big problem was the gift!
Because the time was so short I look in my "Emergency Embroiderable T-shirt  Fund" and I was lucky to find one with the fitted size.
I decided to do some appliquees and I used 4 denim patches.
I embroidered on each of them a square from my little cross stitching-library.

I used my new pinking rotary cutter to crop the 4 squares.


and then I sewed all 4 in place.
Like this:

The uneven distance between them is deliberated

The folk T-shirt is done!


Now I can prepare myself  for a good look....

Have a beautiful day, to you all!


  1. Very nice and what a wonderful gift to give ....

  2. Hi Mihaela,
    I read your message and it touched me deeply. I put the post up again. and I put your message there too. You are so right, the internet is a wonderful tool and it makes me so happy to know I have new friends around the world and even if we don't know each other personally, I really appreciate your words of encouragement.
    Your friend por siempre (always)