Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Come Spring, Come!!!

Because Spring changed its mind and let Winter to get back to us, I choose to touch up my window-little-garden with the well known Primulas.

As often as I go to the supermarket I look for flowers department and nine times out of ten I come home with bulbs, seeds or pots with flowers. I mean, plants with flowers; I don't like the plants only with leaves.Well... I like some, but only those growing in the traditional gardens.
I think that plants with flowers are the same as gems jeweleries.If  I would have to choose between two rings, undoubtedly I would choose the gem one.Even my wedding ring has gems all around...

Now that I clarified this very important issue, probably you will understand why I chose  flowers motifs for the shopping bags I'm working on. I hadn't time to take more photos.

When I will finish them I will try another kind of bags. The patterns are from here.A very well illustrated and explained  patterns.

Well, for the time being I wish you to

Have only beautiful days!

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  1. Looking at these flowers makes you forget about winter. they are beautiful and your bags, I love the ladybug!