Monday 5 April 2010

Looking for ideas!

April is here and I think that a good way to begin a new spring month is working, of course.
Unfortunate I'm not so productive, I work to slow and I don't manage to have fluency. The cause is simple: I don't have a good organized space only for sewing, at home. As I don't like the disorder and dusted things I'm wasting my time to pack and unpack my fabrics, threads, ribbons......(they are in boxes!) every time I have a project to do.And I choose only those projects that don't take too much time to finish them, because I don't like the disorder that can't be avoided in such cases...
Besides, it is quite tiring: my computer and sewing machine are in a  room and my so-called cutting table is in another  room...Fortunately, the distance between them is short!
That's why it became necessary that in my very-soon home improvements (painting the walls, new furniture...) to include some new storage and work spaces, but without intruding the natural way of living in my home.
How could this happen?   
I need some ideas.
I would be extremely grateful if you would send to me some images  by email, or some links if you want to spare a wee bit of  time with a little comment :o)
I  must mention that my rooms are not so big, I live in an apartment, so ingenuity must be pushed to the maximum! 

Meanwhile, as my today post not to be boring, I show you some images of my two recent pillow cases, one decorating already  someone else's  couch.

First, I chose to try one block of the pattern Polka Dottie Posies from Quilter's World (April 2008), page 54.
I cut the bottom part of the original block (the flower pot) to better fit my square shaped cushion (50 cm).

I quilted it and I chose to embellish it with some ribbons and buttons.

Then, because I made some mistakes, I sewed another one.   
  With other colors.

This time my inspiration told me to do like this:
Mmmm, do you see? I exercised my quilting technique.I must tell you again that I am a very beginner in quilting and when I quilted what do you see in the above image I almost forgot to breathe....I have a simple Brother model of sewing machine and I don't like its quilting foot, because I don't have good visibility.
And as I am not a trained quilter, you realize how intense I concentrate myself to do aesthetic stitches...And because of this foot I still make a lot of mistakes....
But finally, my second cushion looked like this:

One last picture before living
Good bye!
My blue flower left alone...
Hmmm....Not quite! 
With another "sister". A crocheted one

Well, I think is enough for today.
Please, don't forget the help I'm asking you!
Looking forward  to receive beautiful great ideas for my improved work space,
I wish you as always

Have a beautiful day!


  1. i like the sweet smile :O)
    your doggies are so cute!!

  2. A great idea I came across for organization and I can't remember where I saw it,but let me do some research for the image, but you collect glass jars (like the marmalade ones) and then you glue the lids to a shelf and you can put several and then you simply put your things ribbons, thread, and close each jar.since its glass you can see through. I know i'm probably not describing this well but like I said I will try to find the picture.

    I love the smile face on the flower. made me smile.

  3. Hello Friend! I also like everything organized, and do not have much space! But with little way we can do everything the way we like it! Love the work! Congratulations! Kisses! Rosemary! Brazil!

  4. Thank you very much for your appreciations and for your help, dear Sumea, Elisa and Rosemary!I'm glad that my little flower made you smile; That was my intention and I'm very, very content that it worked!
    Dear Elisa, thank you for reminding me the idea with jars! I saw for the first time the jars fixed on the shelf in Jamie Oliver's kitchen...

    Have a beautiful week!

  5. Ce frumos a venit primavara la tine!Numai vise placute poti avea, cu astfel de pernute! Felicitari!

  6. Asa e Ela. Daca afara primavara tot intarzia, macar in interior sa vina la timp.
    Multumesc pentru aprecieri!