Thursday 24 January 2013

It's time! / A sosit momentul!

I had the courage to get involved in a great project: a group quilt.
The pattern was made by Geta, the organizer of this project. We are 7 Quilt Sisters: Geta, Nina, Ela, Silvia, Ortansa, Sanda and me, but we will have the occasional help of other two sisters of Geta.
The most important thing is that we have to stitch about 1250 regular hexagons and about as many irregular pieces. But what you don't know is that I and Sanda have never stitched hexagons! That's why we are a little bit worry about that. We don't want to make mistakes, we want our hexagons fit perfectly with the others of our experienced Quilt Sisters.
But Geta took care of everything and each of us have responsibilities according to his skills.
In order to be sure that all the hexagons will have the same dimensions, Geta cut all my hexagons! Both paper ones and fabric ones! A lot of hard work
Here is my homework, received this morning in a little parcel:

 No, it's not a cake!

It's one of my two hexies bundles!

A few days ago, I made a little exercise to "prepare my hands" for our project and I made a little hexagons flower.

I took my lesson from mistakes but because it was not so bad, I wanted to use my first hexagons-flower on something. The occasion was on hand: I was working on some shopping bags. Now one of them has this pocket:

It's time to gather all my courage and go to the hexagons stitching.

Did I tell you that every time I was looking at a hexagon quilt photo I was wondering myself "How on earth, had this lady that huge patience to cut and sew BY HAND all those thousand little pieces"? And every time my conclusion was: Hexagons? Definitely, not for me!

Definitely, huh?

Have a beautiful day and wish me luck!


  1. When I took photos of the hexies, I had the same thought: it looks like cake!
    Best of luck, I know our quilt will be more beautiful than we could imagine now!

  2. Minunat proiectul ! ai sa vezi cita pace iti aduce cusutul hexagoanelor ;) .
    Va fi o lucrare finala DE LOCUL I. Spor sa ai ! :)

  3. "Cand ai facut ultima oara, ceva pentru prima data?"
    Surori in calatoria minunata spre un obiectiv comun...hexagoane...e bine!