Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Quilter's Favorites at Geta's blog

Dear quilters, there is only 1 day more to join the linky party at Geta's blog !
Only one click over this button, and you will be in the right place of sharing tips and favorite things that make  quilting easier and more enjoyable. 7 participants  will be chosen  in a random drawing and will win quilting - prizes. 

As you can see, the party started on 10th. I knew about it some time ago, but as an occasional quilter, I said to myself that I will have only to learn from there, I don't have things to share from my experience. I am to small in the Quilters World and in a country where only few people know what does it mean words like "quilt" or "patchwork".
But if I think better, this is a good occasion to say something else about quilting. And being on topic, too.
Browsing Geta's ideas list for this party, I saw this one:

Do you have a favorite quilt blogger?
I realized that for me this is the most important question. Because I am a self-taught quilter. Well, actually I want to be one...That's mean that for me, quilters sites and blogs are the most important source for information and learning. Long live the Internet!
I have on my blog a long list of links to the quilting blogs I am reading. A precious part of my daily routine is the one when I visit them. Every day. Even if it is 5.30 in the morning or 11.30 at night.
And among the most interesting blogs are those of my quilting friends: Geta, Silvia, Ela, Ortansa.( Sanda, my dear, I'm waiting patiently a new post on your blog :)...).
I am learning so much from them. Different personalities, different styles, different skills, different preferred techniques, but each of them, creative, generous, friendly and always willing to help.
This winter an idea of Geta, a quilt, bound us in a real quilting group. The story of this quilt is so beautiful written by Geta and my friends in a few posts on their blogs that certainly I would not be able to write about it better.
If you are for the first time on my blog, please, read here, here, here and here, in English or Romanian.
Actually this story is not for self praise, it is showing what can you make with the passion-mates met through blogs. Quilting blogs.
I hope our Romanian quilting bloggers community to grow. But one condition is crucial.

And this is how I came to another of Geta's question:  

The favorite fabric shops.
My point of view:
I would love buying more than I do, from many online fabric shops if they would pay more attention to us, "international customers" in order to find a way to balance the huge shipping costs. It's very frustrating when you see how many online shops have "free shipping" only for USA and sometimes Canada and NEVER for international orders.
That's why, my favorite online fabric shop is Hancock's of  Paducah. They have occasionally free international shipping even for batting.  
Maybe the big Companies providing all that a quilter need, will consider to include Romania in their future plans, breaking the vicious circle " I would learn quilting but I don't have quality fabrics, treads, notions, in my town at bearable costs, it's too unproductive ordering them as individual online, in USA - Here there are a small number of quilters so we don't have clients for this kind of things."
Now we are a few quilters in this country with no tradition in quilting, paying much more above the real price of the fabrics, treads, notions, batting, because of the expensive shipping costs from USA and custom fees from our country, but how would it be, how many would we be if we would have here, in our country, at reasonable prices good quality quilting fabrics and accessories?
Let's dream about it! ;)

Thank you, Geta for this very interesting and useful share and learn party!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. We are so blessed in US to have so many places to purchase our fabrics. I hate paying shipping costs too and I'm sure what I pay is much less than what your costs are. It's something we quilter's have to do to get that perfect, beautiful fabric!

  2. I agree your opinion. Thank you for writing so right about our special condition of Romanian quilters. Know what? This make as so stronger together!

  3. Well, Mihaela, for now we can only dream of free shipping! Batting will still be luxury product for many quilters in Europe and other parts of the world.

  4. I really enjoyed his warmth and sincerity of who wrote it seems to me I travel a lot on the net tutorials discovering colors and inspiration. It is a way to relax but this hard before the crisis. Tabém I'm a small country where my friends think I do swimming with leftover fabrics my work and some do not give any value call rags.
    I am fortunate that the store will be a lady who was immigrant in the U.S. and import these fabrics but the tools are expensive to the crisis that we
    a hug

  5. Thanks for your comments... I am still counting all my blessings!