Friday 16 August 2013

Inspiration (WIP)

I like traditional art. I said it before.
I'm trying to find ways to use it in a modern way, or to mix it with other crafting techniques, but with care. I don't want to force something; I would want to match only those aspects that are compatible.

The today post needed this introduction, because I'm in the process of designing some quilt blocks inspired by Romanian traditional sewing.
This is the first one.

Inspired by an old Romanian Blouse created in an once very well known area for the crafting of peasant costumes: Breaza. It is located in the Prahova County placed in the south Romanian region named Muntenia. And it is just where our quilting group has recently met.

From my first attempt it came up a block close to Courthouse Steps, from the Log Cabin family.

Although easy to sew, the block presents the difficulty of keeping the squares and the rectangles the same width. I didn't get yet this and the aligning of the little squares shows it, but that's why this block should be considered a challenging one and may tempt the ambitious, advanced and even experienced quilters to do it.
I recommend  it as a choice for a good looking scrap-quilt.
Here is how it looks only by inverting the two colors:

The next step is selecting one or more quilting patterns that would match with it. I think some all-over ones would do.
Hard job, too!

I see some cushions as quick projects and at list one quilt made with this block.
I need a name too, for it.

So, as is usually said, I'm in the middle of a Work In Progress, right?

Get back to work then
Have a beautiful day, my dears!


  1. Ma bucur sa vad ca esti tenace in ceea ce ti-ai propus. Mi se pare extrem de meticuloasa munca ta, dar arta traditionala romaneasca merita toata atentia. Felicitari!