Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Garden May Palettes

We just returned from a lovely trip to our country home. We had such a great time. Although the first days where a bit grey and rainy, we had a wonderful time. 
Back home, I spent some time on the website to compose the color palette of a few photos taken these days in my garden.

I really love this site. 
A very useful application I found here is Palette Builder - you upload your photo and instantly you have its palette.

You can add, change or delete colors from the palette but the best thing is on the right side of your photo: the application makes 3 matching lists of your color palette: one for Kona Cottons, one for Hex Values and one for Aurifil Threads.  You can save the photos with their palettes and/or share them. Brilliant!
No registration, passwords or things like these. It's simple and fast.
I find it very useful and fun. 
From now on the chain of My Quilting Hopes it's sooo short:  
photo - palette - money - money - money.... - Kona Cotton and/or Aurifil Threads order 
In the meantime I saved one of my garden May Palettes with its three matching lists, for my wishlist :

I hope you will find this online tool helpful, too.

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. This isn't a payed post. I really think this people made a very useful job.


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