Monday 6 April 2015

I'm flying! - a baby quilt

 The baby quilt is ready. Now I can really say "I'm flying!" 

The pale blue fabric I used as background in the main panel surprised me in a bad way: after I washed the quilt the color became almost white. But the only person to blame is me. 

I place this piece of fabric in the wrong place, the good-to-use-fabrics closet.
Some time ago, I tested few textile dyes. They proved to be bad quality because despite the manufacturer's instructions, the dyes faded out in the rinsing water. Among other colors, I tested also the blue color. 

Usually after I buy fabrics, on each piece I pin a short note with the main information : if it was pre-washed or not, if the color is stable or not and sometimes its dimensions.
In this case I didn't do this.
So, this quilt will stay with me. 
But I have one more reason to keep it: the drawing was made a few month ago, for my birthday by my friend Elena Dragulelei with whom I collaborate on some projects. You may see one here, one here and another one here.

Lesson learned: be organized!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Congratulations! It looks so cheerful! So much work to the applique stitches! The quilt is great!

  2. The quilt is adorable. I think the owner will cherish it.

  3. I love how you quilted it!! I am sure you are secretly happy that you are keeping quilt, specially since the drawing was by your friend :)


  4. Love the quilting and the background looks perfect to me! A very beautiful quilt.