Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lazy Cat - a toy pillow

The perfect companion in a rainy day - a lazy cat, isn't it ?

I'm still working on this project trying to turn the drawn character of my friend, visual artist Elena Dragulelei, in a cute and comfortable toy-pillow both for children and the adults with the soul of a child.

Here are my first four tests:

And here is my fifth:

Others may follow, but in a completely different register of colors.
One big problem is that we didn't decided how we will call him. Any suggestion?

You may see other results of our collaboration here, here and here.

Back to work now.

Have a beautiful day, my dears!



  1. Felix, Gatsby, Milo, Garfild, Tom...or Pupkin for the orange male cat! Because is a lazy male cat, isn't he? :))
    A pillow, a cat and a toy, 3 in 1, anyone dream to such a cute think!