Friday, 10 June 2016

Tenacious of Life - working on a new quilt design

My mom needs new decorative pillows. As I am working on a new quilt design, I took the opportunity to test it by making her a pillow cover . The only condition was to use assorted colors with the room.
I was happy with it, mainly because this meets one of my goals: creating designs equally suitable for objects intended for men. These colors were perfect from this point of view.

About the inspiration source: an old Romanian traditional rug.

About the name - Tenacious of life - it came into my mind quite easily. It's related to one of my favorite characters of the classic literature: Jane Eyre from the Charlotte Bronte's novel of the same name.

Mr. Rochester questioning Jane:

"You have been resident in my house three months?"
"Yes, sir."
"And you came from -- ?"
"From Lowood school, in -shire."
"Ah! a charitable concern. How long were you there?"
"Eight years."
"Eight years! you must be tenacious of life. I thought half the time in such a place would have done up any constitution!

And that was it!
I thought that nothing would be better than this name.

I have to see how this design will look by using other colors.
The tests must go on.
But first, let's finish my mom pillow cover!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

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  1. You do such nice work! I like the colors and your quilt stitches are great for the pillow.

  2. Dezvolti o adevarata nisa in piata ;) imi plaaaace stilul, culorile, rezultatul.