Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Little Star Rehearsal / Repetitie pentru o Steluta

With a delay of more than a month towards my friends, Ela, Ortansa and Silvia, I show you my star. My Little Star. But it's only the trial for the paper piecing exercise. And it is a little one. About 15 cm (6 inches).
The final one will be made from other fabrics, two of them beeing a common agreement, and I intend to keep these dimensions.
With my deepest apologies for you, my dears, here is My First Triple 6ray Star

And, yes, my side-ruler on my sewing machine extension is in cm, not in inches, as I said.
Sorry! ;)
Your quick eyes will observe the mistake I made when I assembled the two main blocks.
No mistakes on the final Star!
I promise!   
As you can see, I put on hand the fabrics for the winter holidays projects. 
Back to work, then!
Have a beautiful day, my dears!



  1. Steluta de Craciun!!!Ai lucrat dupa alta metoda decat mine pentru ca ti-au iesit varfurile in sensul acelor de ceasornic,corect!Foarte bine!!Foarte frumoasa steluta ta!!!

  2. Sincera sa fiu, mai Ela, mi s-a parut mie ca e ceva altfel, dar nu mi-am dat seama ce! :)))

  3. Da,acum eu trebuie sa verific si un model sa-l fac in ambele variante,sa vad cum este mai usor!!

  4. You must have so much patience to create these stars!!

  5. Ooooh,patience!Yes, I have, but not every day ;)