Sunday 12 January 2014

Old things - New things / Lucruri vechi - Lucruri noi

New year is not just about new projects, but for finishing old ones too, said somebody these days.
I'm totally agree. 
I am enjoying this one:

It looked like this

Its story begins here.
Now the setting is totally different. One of my quilting friends encouraged me to change it. 

I decided to do so, even the pattern I made as a Courthouse Steps patchwork block was ready to go out in the Quilting World.
If it is possible to be done better, why not, I said to myself.
And I am writing a new pattern for this block.
I hope it will be attractive for the quilters and I hope too I will finish it soon.
My new fresh kona fabrics are waiting on my table.

Thank you for your fast delivery! 
One color - one Country Home Block.

To be continued...

Have a beautiful week!