Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bucket Bag WIP

I'm working on a bucket bag.

 This one is the third attempt, one of my tests. It seams that I need more tests.
It's roomy (16 1/2" W x 14 1/2 H x 10" D), light and stiff.
I remembered Geta wrote an Interfacing Guide for Bags. I had to adapt to what I had in the closet: I used woven fusible interface and a regular polyester batting. I added a non woven fusible interfacing to the lining and I'm quite satisfied with the bag structure.

The oval bottom is quite sturdy.
 I tried to find a discrete place for a zippered exterior pocket. On the next test-bag I will add a second one.

Playing a little with the bag open I placed magnetic snaps on its sides. I found this simple way to get a changeable shape.

I mixed up some working stages, that's why my bag is lucking in accuracy. But it's OK, it's only a test-bag.

Let's back to tests!
Have a beautiful week, my dears!


  1. E fermecatoare, imi place foarte mult materialul folosit! Nu poate fi doar de test.

  2. It looks perfect to me! I love that you added piping to the bottom!

  3. Dragut imprimeul, draguta geanta.