Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Pretty little things – Cone Sachets. My first newsletter

We have a beautiful beginning of spring, here!
In the past few weeks I have noticed an increased interest for my lavender sachets.  That's why I decided to give my newsletter subscribers a free template for sewing a Cone Sachet and a free design: a Lavender Bouquet, for embellishing it. 
 Until lavender will bloom for using its flowers and stems for filling them, you have enough time to prepare the sachets using some of your odd fabric leftovers.
You could make embroidered sachets.
A few words about the Lavender Bouquet Design:
You can transfer the design directly onto the fabric using a light source such as a light box or window and use it to sew an embroidery.  
You can sew the embroidery by hand, by embroidery machine (if you need the digitized .pes file of the Lavender Bouquet design, email me and I will gladly give it to you for free, too) or using the free-motion foot, at your sewing machine. You don’t need special embroidery skills. If you know quilting, you can do it, for sure.
....or you could only draw directly on the fabric using textile finliners. In this case you need to fix the colours by ironing at the temperature supported by your fabric.

Here there are: on the left - one sachet embroidered by embroidery machine, on the right - other one embroidered by sewing machine using the free-motion foot and in the center, the green sachet with the drawn Lavender Bouquet .

But you may also leave some of them without embroidery or you may place a small applique instead. 
The best idea is to sew the sachets one of a kind, when you are in that special mood to search in your scraps box and sew only little things that can be done shortly but needing patience with the little details. 
This way you will have them done on hand for composing some sweet and fun surprises for whatever occasion may occur.
When you don't have lavender buds you may fill them with what you want:

 Here I used them for a little Easter rehearsal :)

And of course, you may play making all kind of edgings and borders:

This kind of sachets may complete in a sweet way a present or could be as well a present by themselves.
Enjoy your sewing!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. I really want to make some lavender sachets! Thanks for you lovely reminder. The embroidery is wonderful (something I want to learn and get more experienced at.

  2. Charming little lavender sachets! Thanks for this tuto! A good idea for a nice gift.

  3. Thank you for the template and idea! Looking good for a present!

  4. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! Digitemb