Sunday, 21 September 2014

Late Summer Little Bag

Do you remember the last post?
Well, one piece of the painted fabrics became the new member of my Colibri bags family. I called it Late Summer.

Looking for something to match the painted fabrics, I discovered pieces of denim, cloth, corduroy and others, forgotten in the hidden nooks of the cabinet. When I saw them I was very happy because they were just right for the Autumn bags.
I was happy too working again after a long time, with combinations of fabrics having different compositions, thicknesses and textures. 
For this bag I chose a thin blue corduroy fabric because it seemed to me that the painted fabric needs it as a still but not quiet companion.

It turned out a cheerful and handy little bag, big enough to host the essential things and small enough to wear it as a chic accessory.

Have a beautiful day, my dears!


  1. a summer bag with much warmth...very nice

  2. I welcome the new member of Colibri bags family! Such a nice little priceless bag!

  3. Perfect match! Cute and useful little bag.