Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A new beginning

My list of projects for 2015 is still in the process of being completed.
These days I'm trying to upload what I want to work this year, in the most realistic manner.
Don't worry, I will not bore you with another resolution for 2015! It's for my eyes only.
In the meantime I began to make some small things using what I have on hand.
The first one is this vinyl bag.

My other vinyl-bag-experiences ended bad. I have told myself that I will never try to sew vinyl. My sewing machine doesn't like it at all, whatever foot I have tried on it.
I did not forget this but I just needed a winter bag for my mom and I wanted to experiment with an idea.
I thought about how to trick my sewing machine in order that the foot would not touch the right side of the vinyl. So I came up with the idea to applique decorative fabric strips along the zippered opening.

From this I went on and I placed a few strips on the bag front to brighten it up a little. I had a little patch of painted fabric that I worked only to finish some remains of paintings used for a project. I cut it and sew the strips in place with free motion stitches.

For the handle I didn't have enough textile fabric. I struggled to sew the vinyl as nice as I could, but it came out quite ugly.
I will try to make another bag combining vinyl and fabric having in mind what I have learned making this one.

Have a Beautiful Year, my dears!

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  1. Very nice bag! Do you have a pattern? I like the shape and the fabric waves.I think your mother love it!

  2. This is totally gorgeous! So unique, your mother will be the envy of everyone she meets!