Sunday, 11 January 2015

Small and Large

Tip-Using large thread spools at a small sewing

I have a small sewing machine and I work in a small sewing space. My actual sewing table was my son's desk. He doesn't need it anymore but I do.
My sewing machine works only with small spools of thread.
Some time ago I bought a cone of a thick thread because I liked it but when it came time to use it, I couldn't. Where and how to place it?
Of course, I asked Google a little help and I picked some ideas to make a thread stand.
But any of them would have required time to gather the parts. I needed the stand right there - even then!

So I placed the thread cone in a cup and I pulled the thread through the thread guide of the sewing machine. I started to sew. The thread was too tensed. Conclusion: I needed an extra hook.

Tip-Using large thread spools at a small sewing

 But when I wanted to go to look for a wire, I saw right before me the drawers handles. I pulled the thread first through the closest handle and then through the thread guide of the sewing machine. Surprise: it worked!

I'm so happy that it proved that my small space has advantages, not just disadvantages.
Now I can use large thread spools at my small sewing machine on my small workspace.

Have a beautiful week, my dears!



  1. What a clever idea! You're always handle particular situations. Happy sewing with large thread spools!!!

  2. what a great idea. I have a stand, but now I lost that part that keeps the small spool vertically on the machine! I need an idea!

  3. I recently saw on one of Bonnie Hunter's posts how someone used a 2L soda bottle with a window cut in the side to fit the cone through, then threaded up through the top of the bottle. Great idea!