Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spring Hope - a little table mat

This little table mat - 11 1/2 " x 16 " - is a quick project.

Theoretically. Practically, from different reasons, I had to interrupt my work so many times that instead one day it took me three days to finish it. And on top of all: after finishing sewing the binding I realized it uglified the quilt. I tried to convince myself that is only a fleeting feeling because I hate to reap out the stitches. In vain. Finally, I did it.

the backing

I chose another fabric, made another binding and stitch it onto the quilt.
I like how this second binding is lying like a narrow quilt frame.

Now let's wait for the bees!
After removing my dried winter flowers, I'm sure they will come!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

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  1. Beautiful design, quilting and colors. I don't know how it was the first binding, this one is perfect.

  2. I love the quilting you have done to make the colours look special.