Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Race string quilt - a few things I did while I quilted it

This is a quick little quilt I made for a pillow top. I called it The Race.

I used the walking foot because I had to do echo quilting.
With a washable marker, I traced one curved line on one pillow diagonal. I stitched the first quilting line following that marking. Then I continued stitching parallel lines until I reached the quilt edge. I repeated for the second diagonal, the final quilting coming out from overlapping the two echo designs.
If you look better you can see my echo stitching lines are not parallel and the distances between them are not equal. For such geometric design, I'm sure The Quilt Police requires accuracy and precision. For a quilter, the perfect stitching is a goal after all.
Well....I'm not sure I will ever become that kind of perfect-quilting-girl because my patience is not so good.
But I'm sure my quilting will look, let's say "prettier" when I will manage to transfer the design from the printed paper onto the quilt top and stitch carefully following the markings. As long I will remember I had to do this only AFTER I already spray basted the sandwich, I will have to apply the same method described above and I will get the same approximate results.


Is there anyone interested to test my new quilt pattern Urban Folk and proofread the text? English is not my native language and I know I make mistakes. A few things about Urban Folk layout: here, here, here.

Unfortunately I can't pay you, but you will receive for free the final version of the tested pattern.  

Because I had sad experiences with a few so-called testers, I look forward to keeping in touch only with those of you willing to share with me the simple things I wrote here.    

Have a beautiful quilting day, my dears!

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  1. Your stitching is lovely, the quilting is beautiful. The pillow is one of a kind and that makes it priceless. Ignore the quilting police!!

  2. Love how it turned out! Very pretty pillow and the colors are lovely. Don't let fears overtake you what others might say. Your stitching is fine, and it looks very nice with the photo. I like the cross-hatch design with the curve. Makes this unique design shine out your joy in creating your own projects.

  3. I love the design and what wonderful quilting we can do with the walking foot.

  4. Thank you, Brandy, Celia Ambrose and Geta Grama for your kind words!

  5. I can't promise to sew up a version (although I would love to!) but I can proofread your pattern for English :)

  6. I love your quilting; it has inspired me!

  7. I think it's great! I really love it. Why do we quilters point out our mistakes; I do the same thing, and I bet nobody would notice. What kind of deadline are you talking about with testing your pattern?

  8. I LOVE your pillow. I didn't notice the difference in quilting until you pointed out the unequal quilting.

  9. Hello Mihaela:

    The quilting on this is just gorgeous. I love the contrast of the curves going in both directions with the stripes and triangles. It looks wonderful.

    I would be very happy to check the English on your pattern. Let me know if you would like my help.

    Take care!

  10. Eu nu stiu cum nimeresti asa bine culorile si designul ... E wow