Wednesday, 13 July 2016

One of these days.....

My blog is a small virtual place. It is a window opened into a special side of my life: designing fabric objects.
Most of the day, I look for inspiration, draw, calculate, or test a new quilt block, a bag shape or a fabric toy pattern. Only a small number of them become finished objects or patterns. A lot of failures - only a  few worthing to be shown. Sad but true.
Sometimes, browsing on Pinterest, or Flickr, or the sites I'm following,  I feel like a snail on a highway when I discover that the quilt whose pattern I am working someone has already created, or someone else has already embodied a toy cuter than the one I am still polishing in my notebook....
But these are all part of the creative process, they are assumed risks. They mean that I might change my research perspective and refine my designing work.
That's why I don't post frequently. I like to keep the good spirit on the blog and to share only the mistakes from which I consider one would have to learn. Maybe I'm wrong. I will think about the blog posts subjects.

But what makes me really angry is that after all the hard work and frustrations, when I want to see  my blog statistics, I see again that I have nothing to do with them, because someone unknown deliberately messed up my data. Again. They think I am so stupid that they will drive me to believe my blog they keep inducing false inputs, needs just them to optimize it.
I promise not opening again the statistics page! It's useless.And depressive.

Have a beautiful day, my dear real readers!


  1. Do you use Google Analytics for your blog?

  2. Ohhh Mihaela....our failures are to be applauded..I constantly post my mistakes, I actually embrace them because then I know one more way NOT to do it..Listen , you make a difference, just remember are very creative, very talented and by the time someone has copied you, you are on to another great idea....just keep creating, and keep inspiring us...I never look at means nothing to me anymore....I keep my blog as a journal to me...if others like something, or not..they will tell me xx

  3. I was trying to use it, Geta. It's rather complicate to understand how it works.

  4. Nevermind the stats...just enjoy the process of creating and writing.

  5. Poate doar in ochii tai foarte critici sunt ratari... Eu una nu te cred... ;)
    Si ce daca altul a facut ceva asemanator (ca doar nu inventezi iar roata)... ptr ca din mainile tale iese de o alta calitate!!!! Si cu alte texturi si cu alte culori si deci cu o alta vibratie...
    Eu sunt dornica sa vad tot ce poti... lasa autocenzura si bucura.te de "drum" si si pe noi neinzestratii cu calitatile si indemanarile tale sa ne bucuram ;)))

    Spor in toate ! ... :)) si salutari lui vladi :))))))) care probabil ar putea sa te ajute cu blogstatistics ;) sau alte unelte de gen