Friday, 5 August 2016

A sneak peek of a new quilt

I'm about to finish a big quilt (72" x 86").
I just washed it and while it dries I will prepare the binding.

Of all stages of working on a quilt, I really love piecing, I'm not quite fond of quilting and I do not like at all binding.
I'm thinking about to try another method to finish this quilt. If so, my quilt will have white edges, as this is the backing's color. If I would choose the usual binding method, I would like to make it solid beige.
I'm still pondering over it.

A serious problem I have when making large quilts is handling them under the arm of my little sewing machine while quilting.

I designed the quilting pattern so that requires pushing the quilt mainly back and forth under the needle because almost the whole space is filled with the folded quilt, blocking the right-left or circular directions. That's why I used only straight and slightly curved quilting lines.

Moreover, I organized the process of quilting in sections, filling the space from the quilt's center towards the right edge, this way getting increasingly more space, by unfolding the quilt.
Oh, how hard it is to make yourself understood in a foreign language! I hope you understand something of what I described here.

I forgot to tell you how wonderful I feel while sewing, covered by the quilt hanging sides, at over 30 degrees Celsius (over 86 degrees Fahrenheit) in a lovely august day.

Back to work now.
Let's hope that the binding will go smoothly!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

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