Wednesday 14 February 2018

The Racetrack - New quilt in progress

I just finished a quilt for which I used only neutral prints and solids. A little bit warm neutral, a little bit cold neutral, a little bit white and a little bit black, trying to give balance to the whole composition.

Racetrack quilt -

I made a few quilt designs and I chose the one that suggests a racetrack. 
Working on the test quilt I liked that it was easy to make. Piecing only squares and rectangles. It needs only attention not to mess up the order in which they are sewn.
The variations that I have searched for the fabric choice confirmed that the quilt layout looks good in other combination of colors and prints too.
And I have one more mention: the Racetrack quilt is Jelly Roll friendly.

Racetrack quilt -

It's that kind of design that can be used both for large quilts and small quilts, by simply assembling more or fewer bloks or units. Also, it might be the perfect choice for a boy or man quilt.

Racetrack quilt -

I confess that knowing what hard it is to find a design when you have to sew a quilt for a man or boy, I have in mind to stay a while in this niche making more designs for quilts for the boys/men rooms.

The quilt top is ready. Now, to the big step - the quilting.

Racetrack quilt -

In the picture above the quilt lies flat. The quilt design gives the illusion of roundness. It's interesting that in reality, this illusion is not as obvious as in the picture.

Have a beautiful day, my friends!

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  1. The first impression was that they were square, then I noticed that the dimensions varied. The visual illusion is surprising, I like it very much!
    And the fabrics are fitting so well, how large is the top? Happy quilting, and can't wait to see the finish!

  2. Wonderful combinations of prints and solids, cold and warm - love it; it's a great quilt for men or boys. I would quilt a grid on it!

  3. Perfect quilt for a boy, a man, or anyone really!!