Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A touch of rustic in my home

Do you remember these?
Well, I finished them.

I chose my kitchen wood chairs ( these ones for my over-the-pond-friends and these ones for my-fellow-citizens) and embellished them with only a few painted little flowers because I knew that I will always wear them in rustic clothes. Or at list, somewhere around this style.
 When I cut the shirt out for the apron I saved the shirt seams without having something in mind. Now it was good to have them on hand because I used them as strings to keep my pads in place.

I felt that there was no need to quilting them.

I like them just the way they are.

Have a beautiful day, my dears! 

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spring 2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival

In the last minute I decided to participate in the Bloggers Quilt Festival held at Amy's Creative Side.
This is my second participation in the Festival.
This time it's my applique baby quilt "I'm flying!" finished recently.

The main panel is raw edge machine applique, after a drawing by Romanian artist Elena Dragulelei.

If you like to know a little more about it, please read this post.

The quilt measures 37" x 40".

Cotton fabrics for top, polyester batting and flannel for backing. I used Amann's Isacord threads and I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine.

I have entered "I'm flying" quilt in Blogger's Quilt Festival Applique Quilts category

If you have little time to spend, please come and visit the Festival, vote for your favorite quilt and be inspired!
The voting will be open from 22 May until 29 May. Winners will be announced on 30 May.

Thank you for your visit!
Enjoy the Spring 2015 Bloggers Quilt Festival!

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Have a beautiful day, my dears!

A touch of rustic - work in progress

Sometimes life takes me away from my working table even together with all my thoughts and ideas.
Now I'm back.
In order to worm up my hands and clear my head I have started a small project somehow related with the last one.
I used a few denim shirt leftovers from the apron I made and because I wanted a rustic look I added gingham and stripes printed fabrics.

I managed to finish these simple, common tops and I have to work a bit transforming them into two useful things for my home.
I'm not telling you what kind of things for now.
You will see them in a few days.
Till then

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, 1 May 2015

An Apron for Him - tutorial

It's difficult to make a present for a man. But I found a great idea on Silvia's blog.
It's a quick and funny project.
I have asked Silvia if I may write a short tutorial about it and she kindly approved.
Here is my version:

Materials needed
- one shirt (if it is used, the front should be in good shape)
- binding
- scraps of fabrics
- thread
- sewing machine
- scissors, water soluble pen or tailor chalk, pins
- one safety pin

I folded the shirt in half. I cut out the front.

On the back the cutting followed a curved line finished up at about 4" down from the shirt's neck line.

I drew a line along the neck line.

I cut out the collar following the drawn line.
I verified if the new neckline need some corrections.

I added the binding on the raw edge and stitched the two straps.
I made a bow tie and I placed it on the shirt with the safety pin. I played a little and embroidered a label with his monogram and stitched it above the chest pocket. 

It was very well received.

Thank you Silvia for this brilliant idea and for the permission to post the tutorial!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Self - threading or not?

Do you use self-threading needles?

I was so happy when I found them in the department store. I saw them only on the internet.
How I wanted needles like these! Especially for bury the threads after finishing quilting. And because I have a hard time threading a needle.  
But I was very disappointed when I used the first needle. 

Thread did not slip at all through the small vertical channel. Just breaking. I changed the thread. Breaking. I tried the next needle. The same thing. And so on until the last one. It was the only one working. Because it was the only one having that channel cut! 

So, I paid for one needle the price of six!
You will say that it was an exception, an excusable mistake. I intended to think like this too. But when I bought mine I bought also one package of needles for a friend and she had the same bad surprise. 
Coats Gmbh – Germany, shame on you!

My conclusions after using my only self-threading needle:

                        1.the boring process of the threads burial is faster 

                        2.the needle is too thick and it slips into the fabric with difficulty
               fingers are stinging from the sharp head of the needle (I don't like wearing thimble)

 These being said, I wish you, as always to

Have a beautiful day! 
With or without self-threading needles!

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Thursday, 16 April 2015