Sunday, 11 January 2015

Small and Large

I have a small sewing machine and I work in a small sewing space. My actual sewing table was my son's desk. He don't need it anymore but I do.
My sewing machine works only with small spools of thread.
Some time ago I bought a cone of a thick thread because I liked it but when it came time to use it, I couldn't. Where and how to place it?
Of course, I asked Google a little help and I picked some ideas to make a thread stand.
But any of them would have required time to gather the parts. I needed the stand right there - even then!
So I placed the thread cone in a cup and I pulled the thread through the thread guide of the sewing machine. I started to sew. The thread was too tensed. Conclusion: I needed an extra hook.

 But when I wanted to go to look for a wire, I saw right before me the drawers handles. I pulled the thread first through the closest handle and then through the thread guide of the sewing machine. Surprise: it worked!

I'm so happy that it proved that my small space has advantages not just disadvantages.
Now I can use large thread spools at my small sewing machine on my small work space. 

Have a beautiful week, my dears!


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A new beginning

My list of projects for 2015 is still in the process of being completed.
These days I'm trying to upload what I want to work this year, in the most realistic manner.
Don't worry, I will not bore you with another resolution for 2015! It's for my eyes only.
In the meantime I began to make some small things using what I have on hand.
The first one is this vinyl bag.

My other vinyl-bag-experiences ended bad. I have told myself that I will never try to sew vinyl. My sewing machine doesn't like it at all, whatever foot I have tried on it.
I did not forget this but I just needed a winter bag for my mom and I wanted to experiment with an idea.
I thought about how to trick my sewing machine in order that the foot would not touch the right side of the vinyl. So I came up with the idea to applique decorative fabric strips along the zippered opening.

From this I went on and I placed a few strips on the bag front to brighten it up a little. I had a little patch of painted fabric that I worked only to finish some remains of paintings used for a project. I cut it and sew the strips in place with free motion stitches.

For the handle I didn't have enough textile fabric. I struggled to sew the vinyl as nice as I could, but it came out quite ugly.
I will try to make another bag combining vinyl and fabric having in mind what I have learned making this one.

Have a Beautiful Year, my dears!

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Good Bye 2014!

For the last blog post of 2014 I made for you this postcard with one of my favorite flowers. I hope to surprise you in a pleasant way, because as you may see, it is not about snow and winter. The weather is cold and bitter and there is a lot of snow outside. That's why I decided to choose a background that better illustrates my wishes for you for the new year to come.
In my first newsletter of 2015 you will find a useful gift related with this postcard.   

Have a beautiful 2015, my dears!
Thank you for supporting my way in the Quilting Land!  

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Is Here!

I wish you my friends, to have the most dear moments together with your family and friends!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Brief encounter

Hey! What are you doing there?

Look what I'm doing!

I'm quilting this.

OK! Be good! I'll be back!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Preparing for the White Season - Work in Progress

It's still fall but I started thinking about the winter.
I don't like it at all. That's why I make big efforts to be creative in the winter.
Using some bits of the warm-season-enthusiasm, I'm working on a quilt with only two fabrics. One-solid, one-printed. One-white, one-grey.

The tiny white dots on grey are among my favorite prints ever.
I have included my block pattern in the layout, changing its scale.

As always, it was very hard to chose only one from the many layout versions I made.   

It will be a large quilt, so please, wish me luck!

Have a beautiful and warm weekend, my dears!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

An apron for a Future Mom

The gift was delivered. I can show you now whose is the happy face from the last post, drawn especially for this occasion, by my friend, artist Lenus Dragulelei.

This is an apron I made for a future mom who is a passionate baker. She makes the most delicious and beautiful sourdough bread. I wrote about her a wile ago, but that post is in Romanian. Maybe Google Translate will help a little.
It was quite difficult to sew the appliqued baby. The white fabric unraveled quite easy, but I liked the baby better having these unfinished edges than a smooth, fine line, sewn by hand.

This is the second attempt. First time I secured the edges with a black narrow zigzag stitch. When all the baby parts were sewn I realized that I don't like it at all. Too much black contrasting with the cute little one. It looked like someone who has no idea of sewing struggled to show her best intention.
I thanked once again  the one who invented the seam ripper and I cleaned all up.
Second time I used a simple straight stitch and now everything looks much better. At least I think so.

I kept the colors, the style and of course, the logo used on previous aprons I made for her.
Now I am released. 
All is well when it ends well!
I'm heading to the next project!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!  

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