Wednesday, 23 April 2014

....and a present for myself

I spent the week before Easter sewing a few presents but I managed somehow to make a small one for myself.

I used one of Geta Grama's patterns. As always she gave such detailed instructions as in a few hours I made this nested pouch using only some little pieces of fabrics and 2 zippers.

Now I have a roomy pouch to get all I need for sewing when I will go to my country home.

I love it!

Have a beautiful day, my dears!


  1. What a beauty! It's not for countryside! I made this pouch too, Geta's pattern is perfect! What is the outside fabric? It's faux leather?

    1. It's a sort of faux leather, Silvia. It is thin and it has fabric on the back. I can also iron it at low temperature, on the back. I bought it some years ago and it seems that only now it is its turn to become pouches and/or maybe a bag or two.