Monday, 28 April 2014

The Shy Ada - a tutorial and a newsletter

From time to time, when I'm tired and I can't work, I return to my drawn little girls and boys.
Thinking at a shy little girl to whom I intend to make a gift, I drew Ada.  I appliqued it on a piece of fabric  and I placed on its dress a pocket in which it keeps the teaspoon on hand for the little girl.

Then I used this piece of fabric to make the table mat from above. But I wanted to make quilting appearing different on the two sides:  top and backing. 
As you may see, on the left side of the top I left room for cup or plate  so  that Ada is not covered by them.

How to get one quilting design on the top and another quilting design on the backing - a short tutorial
First I quilted together the backing with the batting, with waving lines parallel with the long sides.


Then I added the top with the stitched appliqué...

 ...and I cross quilted with the same waved lines all the three layers together but only on the empty left half. 
On  Ada’s half  I stitched only one row with waves, along the edge of the 3 external sides. In the end It appears  as a discreet scalloped border because the waving is partially covered by the binding. 
 And so, in this simple way, I managed to make my table runner to have a quilting design on the top:

 ...and another quilting design on the baking:
Sorry for the bad pictures - very changeable weather with very changeable light.

The Shy Ada free design is my gift for all my newsletter subscribers.

I think Ada would look great also on a girl’s pillow. Or maybe on a quilt, why not? If you need a larger design, print it at a larger scale.
I will be very glad if you will send me photos showing your projects made using my designs.
A last important thing:

You can download it here

Have a beautiful day!
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  1. Thanks for the newsletter with such a cute pattern. A perfect gift idea!

  2. What a precious little table mat, your little girl is adorable! Thanks for sharing.
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