Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to finish the quilt - The Self binding method

I decided to try different methods for finishing the quilts. 
Until now, the only way I did this was sewing a folded in half strip of fabric around the outside of the quilt.
This time, I used the one known as the self-binding method.

Here are the steps I followed finishing my recent Forever Together quilt:

The quilt had the backing and batting wider than the top.

1. After I quilted it so that not overcome the edges of the quilt top,  I laid the quilt on the working table. Using the scissors, I trimmed first, the batting right to the edge of the top.

2. Then I trimmed the backing, 1" wider than the quilt top all around.

3. On one side of the quilt, I began folding the edge of the backing in half so that the raw edge lines up with the edge of the quilt top.

4. I folded it again so that overlapping the quilt top by ½ " and pinned in place.

5. At the corner, I folded the backing edge like in photo bellow.

6. I continued on the next backing side, by folding it first in half ...

...and then folding it again in half, overlapping the quilt top by ½ " so that obtaining a neat mitered corner. I pinned it in place and I continued all the way around the quilt until I had the whole backing folded and pinned. 

7. I stitched close to the edge. 

And that was all.


This method is good when: 
- you are sure that the quilt edges are straight because you can't square it up;  
- the backing fabric looks good next to the quilt top fabric, as it will be used for binding too; 
- you don't mind that the quilting stitches might be visible over the binding, on the back side of the quilt. In this regard, when quilting, backstitch when reaching the quilt top edges.

It is a quick and  easy method to bind a quilt. You don't have to take out the quilt of the sewing machine, you don't have to join the ends of the binding.

I will use it again, for sure.

Have a beautiful sewing week, my dears!

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