Thursday, 11 August 2016

Forever Together quilt

It's finally done!

The quilt edges are so wavy because of the wire fence pattern.

I name it "Forever Together", inspired by the lovely couple who will own it.
The design embodies an old traditional motif, the Tree of Life, which I gave a particular layout, making it out of two mirrored stylized trees, one composing the top half of the quilt and the other - the bottom half, as you look at the picture above.
This is The Marriage Tree and brings together His Tree of Life and Her Tree of Life (the two quilt's halves).
At least that was my vision, for the sake of quilt's aesthetics.

The quilt measures 72" x 86".
I chose to try binding it using the quilt back. It was so simple, fast and fun! I am sure I will use this method again.

I have a few conclusions arising out of using this method, but they will make the subject of a  future post.
The quilt is not heavy, despite its dimensions, due to the cotton batting.

For the first time, I used for quilting Aurifil thread 50 wt. My sewing machine liked it so much that there was no need of any special tension adjustment. The thread has not broken even once.

I also liked so much using this Aurifill thread that I was close to change the quilting design on the go, by adding a denser pattern. Eventually, I said to myself to let the things as I initially thought and to preserve the thread for a future project having a quilting design that will put it in better value.

Until next post,
Have only beautiful days, my dears!

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  1. It's gorgeous! Great job as always!

  2. It's gorgeous! Great job as always!

  3. Well done! I love the colors and quilting, and the significance of the quilt! I tried to imagine you quilting at that temperature in the're good!!!